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First of all, I'm fine. Don't worry.

I'm...not sure how to phrase this.


Due to many circumstances, I won't be able to finish my nuzlocke comics.

I'm sorry.

Thank you all, dear readers, for following me throughout all these years. I can't tell you how much it meant for me. I really really love you, each and every single one of you.

Maybe one day I'll have the chance to post the plot and the story. I don't know. Maybe.

So thank you for all the joy you've brought me. I'll still be around here, sometimes.

See ya.
I know you don't really see a lot of me here, even though I wish I could show up more and post more stuff :(

Anyway just so you all know, I'm doing very well and everything's great so far. I'm working on the next 3 parts of the comics but I'll probably finish them only next month or something like that because I have a lot of work to do.

Meanwhile, if you want to see more of my sketches and other things, you can check out my tumblr, here:

It's basically filled with sketches and random things I find inspiring. I tend to update it more frequently than my dA (it's easier for me I guess)

Also, while you're waiting for the next updates, :iconflyawayspark: is currently writing a fanfiction to my Yellow nuzlocke called "Silhouette of Time" (… ). It's really cool and it's worth a read.

Oh, and by the way, if anyone asked me a question I didn't answer or anything it's because I'm having a hard time sorting out all the comments I get and I'm really sorry. You can always feel free to post questions or things on my profile page or send me a note. I'll be more than happy to reply.
Make sure to go and cast your vote on which runs you think are the best!

There are a lot of AMAZING runs competing this year, be sure to check them all out before voting!

Cast your vote here:…

It's also a great opportunity for those of you who still aren't a part of the Nuzlocke community forum to join us! It's easy - just make an account, and start posting! (Just make sure you follow the rules, ok?)
It's a lovely community with a lot of lovely people, and everyone is welcomed to join!

Good luck to everyone, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

Thank you for dropping by!
I won the the teen category for best drawing with my Tintin/Blade Runner illustration!

Even though I didn't get the people's choice award, I still got this, which is pretty damn respectful and the prize is great as well, and I got to meet some big-shots in the Israeli comics and illustration fields (it's a pretty small community) and I got tons of compliments and stuff. It was really fun.

I just wanted to thank you guys for being so amazing and helping me out by voting for me and promoting this and all of that. You've all been wonderful and I love you all <3 <3 <3
ok, so as you've probably remember the Blade Runner/ Tintin mashup I did a while ago. If you don't - you can see it here:


All I need you guys to do is pretty simple - just click the link below for the facbook page of the competition and press LIKE! that's it! really simple!

Press LIKE here:…

now, please please do this! winning this thing means the world to me, and if I win I may be even able to get a new tablet to replace my ruined one (you don't want to see the condition of that poor thing!)

Please, just take a second to vote for this, and if you can, just SPREAD THE WORD - Via Tumblr, Facebook, DeviantArt - Anything!

Here's a link to this post on tumblr, please reblog this if you can. I'll be forever greatful!… !!!

Thank you all so so much, you guys are the best <3 <3 <3
So I opened an account.

It's right here:
It's a little serious and I probably won't upload a lot of nuzlocke stuff there, but I dunno yet.
I'm also still adjusting myself to how tumblr works. Still kinda new to this thing.

oh, also, update is going to take a while, since it's even longer than last one - I'm doing route 2 to the boulder badge all in one chapter!
as to why I'm doing it that way, let's just say I want to get to the mt. moon part, because this is where my take on the game's plot really starts to expose itself.

The next part is already inked but the coloring takes a while and I don't have a minute to spare.
Inbetween studying my ass off, preparing my art exhibition, designing and editing the school's yearbook, and producing the end-of-the-year event at school (I'm not an official producer or anything since I'm a student but I do a lot of the job over there) oh and let's not forget I'm also participating in the event - I really don't have time to finish the next part.
oh and I totally forgot I'm also building a buzz lightyear costume for Purim (aka jewish halloween) so that's another thing that's sitting on my head.
As I've said before, this run is going to be a YELLOW RUN

This time, I've decided I'm not going to do a comic run of the usual kind you see at the nuzlocke community.
This one is going to be more of a story run than a general hero-runs-all-over-region-making-jokes-and-losing-friends.
Which means - a new set of characters. Even the main character is not resembling me (I hope to surprise you guys a little with his characteristics. Let's just say he's not your typical hero, and not an anti-hero either).
Besides, I'm also brewing up a plot for the Rockets, redesigning them so they become a little more than just a mafia)
Because some people asked - yes, the pokemon in this run are going to talk. and probably - a lot.

If you're wondering, here are some of the designs:………

You'll have to forgive me for the outgoing link, because I still haven't learned how to use the Journal correctly.

Besides Yellow, I'm working on a new comic, not related in any way to pokemon, that will also start coming out soon (hopefully) so stay tuned!
so, yeah. I don't update much *ahem-at-all-ahem*, but, umm... yeah.

anyway, twitter!

and, t-shirts by me-…
it's cool if you don't understand a word, just look at the pretty pictures

that's all
peace out
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i finished my tests in magen david adom, and now i'm an official volunteer there! :D
well, i'm really happy and enrgetic, and the uniform suits me well ^^

i don't have the strength to upload a lot to this account -____- i'm really sorry (this is directed towards my three and a half watchers) and i hope i won't be this lazy in the future
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I'm really really sick, and angry, and annoyed, and a lot of things.
after a lot of time i haven't written here, i'm using this place to release some anger and frustration.
first of, i'm annoyed and sick, and i don't have enough power to do ANYTHING, and yet i end up doing everything as usual. I had a test yesterday, and while my head was exploding from pain, i had half of my class asking me questions about the test. i wanted to kill someone. and then there's also other stuff to do, like my training course in Magen David Adom (Isreal's red  cross) and my girlfriend and homework and FUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK I'M ANGRY

i really need something to smash right now.
God, I'm really really tired for no apparent reason. It's not very fun.

My sister is abroad right now (she is on a trip to Paris and London with my mom), and that means I'm a lot with my father and little brother right now, it's fun but annoying at times. I really really hope my sister finds the MUSE and QOTSA t-shirts I asked her to buy for me, because I don't  have any band t-shirts besides the Gorillaz one :<

Well, my new school is awesome, and so are my classmates (thumbs up Gal), and I'm having a great time ^^

P.S. go watch Tropic Thunder, It's awesome
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God dammit the math homework bores me to death. It's quite easy, yet it's so boring.

Anyway, as you can see I'm quite bored at the moment, and it will probably stay like this until Saturday. Why Saturday? Well, 2 really good friends of mine will be returning from their trips. One was in France for a month, and the other was taking a trip with her family in north America. I can't wait 'till the two of them return >.<

Also, on more sad news. My best friend will be going to LA on an expedition for 3 months. well, I'm hoping he will some good time over there, but I'm gonna miss him :<
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well, about time I started writing in this damn thing.
Well, I am posting this one with no apparent reason to it. Why? Because I'm Bored to death.

Anyway, yesterday I helped my dad re-arrange all of his music discs (there were lots of them). Lucky for me, I picked up lots of new discs to hear. Right now I'm listening to the album ' Post' by Bjork. I have discs of The Cure, The Smiths, Massive Attack, Jamiroquai, Rammstein (yes, my dad is really weird, but what can I do about it) and some other Jazz discs to listen to.

Also, I'm bored by vacation (this is not good), and I have lots of homework in math i need to finish :

another last thing. I just read "Batman - Arkham Asylum", and it gave me the chills. It was also extremely awesome, but still, I don't think I'll go to sleep tonight @.@
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